Too much stuff

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Too much stuff

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Hundreds of National Geographic magazines, trash bags and boxes of newspapers, scores of Christmas ornaments, a Department 56 village to make a holiday knick-knack fanatic smile. Canceled checks from the 1970s, dilapidated toys, stained baby clothes, never used dishes, forgotten scrapbooks, unopened bed linens, too-tight ski clothes, moth-eaten winter caps.

The list goes on, it resembled a scene from Hoarders, and it was in my attic.

That is until recently, when we hired a strapping young man to haul it down to the garage as we began the process of downsizing after 37 years. It was the best $20 an hour we’d ever spent. And Shaun was amazingly speedy bringing down all this stuff.

Sorting through it took time. Some went to consignment, more went to recycling, most went to the dump. And there were sentimental moments and occasional outbursts and arguments when one of us wanted to throw something away  and the other cried, “No!”

But, for the most part, it’s gone now.

We’re cleaned out, aside from the huge collection of G-scale outdoor trains that used to chug around the deck out back and brought joy indoors each Christmas. They go to their new home on Sunday, a train consignment shop in New Jersey, where some new owners will find them soon, buy  them and set up a display to amuse and amaze their family and friends.

Do I feel any tinges of regret following this major purge? Not really. Most of the “good” stuff was saved. And pictures and journals will preserve memories and spur me to write about them as time goes by.

The best part? Now that 30-plus years worth of junk is gone, I’ve got room to start collecting again for the next 30-some years.

Just kidding, really.




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