One-on-one with the baby Grands…

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Anyone lucky enough to be blessed with grandkids – hereafter called the  Grands – knows there’s nothing quite like it.

You’ve had your kids and now you get to enjoy their kids without the hassles of clothing, feeding and educating them – unless you choose to help out on your terms.

It’s great to cuddle them, read to them, play with them and babysit them, when you get a chance. But hands-down, the best part of being a grandparent is enjoying your offspring’s offspring one-on-one.

When it’s just you and a Grand, it’s often magic, especially since there’s no sibling rivalry, jealousy or guilt that often accompanies group sessions with the Grands.

Today, I had a great one-on-one with my youngest Grand, Claire, adorable and chatty at three years and three months. It was a day for Claire, Grammy and Pa, since the rest of the family was off to the Red Sox to watch Grampy Matthews throw out the first pitch at venerable Fenway Park.

 Claire loved the idea of taking off with me when I picked her up bright and early.  Her bag was packed, and we were off to the Acton Farmers Market first for fresh veggies and crafts at the amiable place.

She held my hand and looked around, smiling and saying hi to people. She loved the craft area, making two cut-out ladybugs from construction paper and glue. Then we picked green beans and zucchini for dinner and headed on home to show Pa our treasures.

Teatime followed in front of the TV as we watched the Red Sox start their fourth, and final, onslaught of the Orioles at Fenway. No sign of Grampy, but Claire cheered nonetheless, sipping water “tea”  laced with sugar and enjoying the scene.

We then packed a picnic and head to NARA Park for a swim. Hot and steamy on a warm July day, it was fun nonetheless to dig in the sand and reconnect with Vin Wallack, an Acton friend, who shared her umbrella to ward off the sun.

Home again, snacks, watercolor painting on the front lawn, seeing Dad on TV next to the Orioles bullpen, a tubby and, finally, eight hours later, John, Heather, Jack and Molly were back with tales of being out on the field, meeting Wally, the Green Monster mascot, facepainting, free food and a couple of game balls for Jack.

But Claire showed off her ladybugs and said she’d had fun, even though she may have been a bit jealous that she missed the game after seeing the pictures.

But for Grammy, at least, it was another not-to-be-forgotten day with a Grand. Sweet, memorable, with lots to savor and recall as they get older and decide it’s no lonfwe cool to hang out with Grammy after all….

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