In a word…Perfection

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How do you describe perfection? Is it a lovely flower? A delicious meal? An inviting scene? A memorable occasion? The people you know, love and care about?

It was all of that – and more – to me Wednesday as I experienced an absolutely perfect June day.

It started early on my way to Ayer, catching up with my friend Joanne on the phone, sharing stories and tidbits of our lives. Then, at my kids’ house, handsome grandson Jack greeted me with painted hair – red and blue – for crazy hair day at his lacrosse camp.

Piling in to the car,  Heather, Molly, Claire and I traipsed to Westford for Molly’s second day of junior camp, run by the delightfully creative and inventive Emily Piper of Rumphius Creativity Unhinged. We pulled into the lovely preserved farm on Gould Road  just in time for Molly to get started with her new friends in camp.

“This is so cute,” Heather said. I agreed and knew she would love what Emily had done to the space, turning shabby chic into warm and inviting for her young charges.

We left Molly with her campmates and headed to Dunkin’ Donuts for a little caffeine and conversation. There, Claire met up with a lovely French Canadian woman who took to her and shared her little dog Mittens with her for a little canine bonding.

Back at camp, Molly and her cohorts all got to ride the sweetest, most docile steed around the riding ring twice. Then the nice barn folks let Claire board the horse, too, even though she wasn’t an official camper. She looked so big and self-assured up there, holding the reins, her little legs straddling the horse’s back. It almost made you forget she’s only three.

Then I got to bounce an adorable, seven-month-old, all cute, chubby and smiling, on my lap.

After camp, driving Molly home, seeing the wind sift through her hair as she sat with the window open, grasping summer in all its glory and spying a deer off in a distant field.

Back home in Acton,  it was time for a memorable afternoon visit with a delightful woman who is sharing her memoir-writing tips with me for a story I will write later this month for a special section of the Globe. We sat in her lush, green backyard, swapped stories of growing up and remembered the good old days. I felt like I’d made a new friend, and maybe I have.

Then more outdoor perfection finishing up my front garden. Digging in the dirt and seeing it grow  banishes my cold memories of its barren winter look. Still needs a few more blooms to fill out the plot and give it more color. I’ll take care of that this week. But the eggplant is growing, the tomatoes, too. Fresh produce for parmesan and caprese salad in August, I hope.

Back out to Ayer for dinner, a delicious salad, burgers and dogs from the grill and  seeing the kids and their friends Charlie and Caroline troop in from the circus in Pepperell, faces painted and hearts and minds filled with the excitement of riding elephants, fire-eating men (no, kids, don’t try it!) and creating a circus of their own.

Then home to spill out my feelings in emails and notes to family and friends. And falling into bed, exhausted, but happy, with a breeze wafting through the window, just cool enough for a cover, but not so cold to make you shut the window on this luscious June night.

Simple stuff, sure. But perfect, nonetheless. As Morrie Swartz explained to Mitch Albom in Tuesdays with Morrie, the perfect day is just these things: doing things and being with the people you know and love.

It was a day to remember, and in a word – perfect.

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