What I like about Lowell

Posted on May 11, 2011 by

Delighted to be in Lowell today for three significant events. First, the COOL breakfast, celebrating 10 years of outreach, support and involvement with the artists, businesses and tourism in the city, making Lowell a very cool place to live, work and play.

Congrats to MRT for the $325,000 Kresge Foundation grant that will help refurbish the theater (first time in 25 years) and make it more user-friendly. And also kudos to the Revolving Museum for its semi-final status for a National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award. They’re waiting for the end of June to learn if they are one of 12 finalists that get invited to the White House.

Then on to the Owl Diner and a chance to catch up with Jack Neary, Lowell playwright and blogger sublime. His The Porch, a Lowell-centric comedy, is being presented June 2-4 at the UMass Lowell Inn and Conference Center. I’ll write on this on May 26.

Finally, off to the American Textile History Museum, where two new exhibits, one about soldier graffiti on a troop ship heading to Vietnam in the 1960s, and another about the glammy fashions of the 1930s, both open on May 21. See my story next Thursday, May 19 in Steppin’ Out.

I was breathless by then and remain amazed at how far Lowell has come in the years I have covered it…There really is a lot to like about Lowell…

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