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Posted on April 20, 2011 by

Suzz Cromwell visited my Film, Video and Society class yesterday at Middlesex Community College to share info on the Lowell Film Collaborative and upcoming Lowell Film Festival, with its Civil War theme.

But she also brought in Rich Garella, producer of the documentary Who Killed Chea Vichea?, which the Lowell Film Collaborative was screening that night at the National Park Visitors Center.

The film is about the¬†assassination of Chea Vichea, who was Cambodia’s most prominent, respected labor leader, and director Bradley Cox’s five-year-effort to unmask the forces behind the murder that sent fear through this country.

Garella shared his experiences as a producer with my students, who were full of questions and clearly fascinated and moved by the clips of the film that he showed. It opened their eyes to another culture and what is happening there. It also elicited their sympathies and made them realize quite vividly what horrors still exist in Cambodia. I had shared some this with them in discussions last week, but this film made it so much more real to them.

Kudos to Garella and Cox for their efforts, which will be shown across the country on PBS stations in May. And thanks to Suzz and Brett Cromwell for their efforts to bring such films to audiences here, at no cost to viewers.

The Lowell Film Collaborative is another institution that adds luster to the city’s shine.

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